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Our free auto financing course will teach you the step-by-step process that consumer advocates say everyone should follow when financing a new or used car.

Follow the advice in the course, and you will save money.

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The benefits of the course

Each lesson of the course (there are five) is designed to make you think clearly about a different step of the financing process. Here is a list of the lesson topics that you'll encounter:

DAY 1: The right way to buy a car. We try to convince you that there's one best car-buying process (and that we know it!) We get started on it by talking about new vs. used cars.

DAY 2: The price. We also call this "harmonizing your budget". Time to get more specific about deciding what you can really afford in the way of a new car.

DAY 3: Number crunching (and some fine tuning). We get down to the serious business of designing a responsible and manageable financing package for you.

DAY 4: Secure your financing Getting the right loan at the right price. The most important day (as if you couldn't guess!) and the first real step towards your new car.

DAY 5: After the loan. We (finally) get to buying the car. And we cover a few (very important) ways to keep saving cash after your loan's been funded.

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